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Welcome to the EUPC. Join our community, learn, connect, follow, partner and grow. This community brings together partnership managers from the Tech Space with activities in the EU. We are here to set the standards, share the best practices and keep track of the latest partnerships, and all that together in an open structure powered by its members. 

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Boost your Partnership Network, Share and Grow.
Join us to learn, share, enable partnerships and grow your career/business to the next level! 
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Daily Interactions
Interact daily through multiple channels, feeds, DMs and events. We are all about sharing and discovering new things.
Partnership Enablement
Use the community to enable partnerships across Europe and communicate.
Random Meetings
Enjoy random meetings that make you meet partnership professionals every week.
Jobs, Resources & more...
Discover and place new positions on the market, enjoy resources and far more than you thought you needed/wanted.
Knowledge Sharing
Share and learn through our diverse channels about best-practices, technologies and the latest news.
Event Scheduling
Meet virtually and in real-life through our event channel where your peers will be sharing their agenda for EU events.
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